A USP or Unique Selling Property is your specialized, focused marketing strategy to advertise your law firm and legal practice. It can be as simple as a catchphrase, or as elaborate as an entire theme to your legal practice. Whatever your choice, it is a critical part of your overall lawyer marketing strategy.

A USP is how you can stand out among the other attorneys with your legal marketing. When you develop a USP you should consider both your personal interests and your legal practice. Personal injury attorneys who are avid motorcycle riders have developed their USP to be that they're the motorcycle accident lawyer who not only understands the legal parts of your case, but knows what a motorcycle rider goes through.

Your legal marketing should play to your own strengths, even if they have nothing to do with your practice. Sometimes, the quirky, unrelated USP is the one that catches the attention of potential clients. If you're a sports nut, why not tie your legal marketing into your favorite sports team? They may not remember your name, but they'll remember you're the lawyer who REALLY loves the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you're the only lawyer like that in your area, you've reached your clients with a great USP.

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