What is cross-selling in legal marketing?

There are different ways to get your name out there in law firm marketing, from the Yellow Pages to walking around town with a business card hoping someone will need a lawyer (Note: Don’t do that). But one of the easiest, most effective, and cheapest ways to give your legal practice exposure is have someone else favorably mention your law firm at the same time you promote his.

Many lawyers and law firms will cross-sell each other, forming a trusting relationship that crosses practice areas and builds everyone’s practice. If you have a bankruptcy law firm and you know an attorney across town who runs a personal injury law firm, why not help each other out?

It generally works like this. Someone walks into your door after a car accident or dog bite or something and is looking for a personal injury lawyer. You say you can’t really help them, but you have worked with a really qualified lawyer down the street who has a great track record with the area they’re looking for. They say thank you, head across town, and get the type of lawyer they need.

The next week, your personal injury lawyer buddy runs into his second-cousin’s college roommate who has run into some financial trouble and asks him to help. He says, "Hey, that’s not my area, but there’s a good bankruptcy lawyer across town"—that would be you—"who can help out."

This practice doesn’t cost either of you anything and everyone wins!

Cross-promoting your law firm can be a powerful legal marketing strategy. One important point is that you must actually trust the other lawyer, because you don’t want to refer a potential future client to a bad lawyer, or a lawyer who will refer an opportunity for you to another lawyer in a double-date type situation. Other than that, everyone comes out on top. 

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