What is education-based attorney marketing?

Education-based marketing is a strategy that is a welcomed alternative to more traditional and more aggressive approaches. When it comes to attorney marketing strategies, educational-based marketing has a number of important advantages, especially because law firms cannot promote their services like many other companies. Education-based marketing is founded on the idea that readers will be more likely to contact you and hire you if you provide them with information and support before they become your client.

Here are just a few examples of education-based marketing:

  • A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on a website that addresses common client concerns, and provides actionable, practical information that increases a potential client’s understanding.
  • A free downloadable book that reviews a legal process, common mistakes, or other legal information.
  • A complimentary consultation in which a potential client can ask questions about his or her case and learn about their legal options.
  • An online attorney video that shares safety information, accident prevention tips, or national statistics related to one of your areas of practice.

Education-based marketing is great for visitors—and great for your marketing goals. By demonstrating your willingness to share valuable information freely, you improve your credibility and increase the likelihood potential clients will hire you.

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