What is SEO?

There is an incredible amount of information available on the Internet, but it also takes an amazing amount of information and work to get the Internet to function the way it does. There are countless programs and algorithms that work to put people in touch with the information they’re looking for. When it comes to Google and other search engines, SEO is the name of the game. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of designing website content to improve the likelihood that a search engine will find a particular page, and give that page a high ranking on the results screen. The purpose is to attract more visitors to the page without the website paying for advertising space. So if someone searches for the phrase "DUI lawyer in Texas," Google will filter through millions of sites and bring the most relevant to the top. SEO takes into consideration how Google and other sites find the most relevant items, and tailors their coding and language to meet those qualities.

Having a good understanding of search engine optimizers can really help a law firm’s website get the attention it deserves, by using language that will help reach the potential clients who are looking for information in the law firm's practice areas. Google's software is sophisticated enough to penalize pandering and overly obvious attempts to solicit readers. However, a quality writer or webmaster will be able to write marketing content for a law firm website that improves search hits while staying within the guidelines.

Writing to maximize SEO can be a good way to attract more traffic to a site, but that only takes you so far. Producing solid informational content is what will take potential clients to the next step and stop clicking around. A lot of keywords are nice for hits, but real content is the only way to make full use of online law firm marketing.

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