What is the best way to borrow from the attorney marketing techniques of successful individuals?

Learning from other successful people in order to improve your own attorney marketing campaign is an excellent way to grow your practice. However, there is a right and a wrong way to observe and implement the techniques of others. The following is an overview.

First, blindly copying someone else’s techniques is a mistake that can harm your legal marketing. It is essential to find out what makes another professional successful, and understand how that success correlates to marketing techniques. For example, if the lawyer is successful because he offers a valuable free book and other resources to potential clients facing driving under the influence charges, this is a good idea to copy. If that same lawyer places a generic, boring advertisement in the local yellow pages, however, this may not be a good idea to copy.

Second, copying the techniques of a successful individual word for word is a mistake. The best lawyer marketing incorporates your spin and shows personality. Simply following exactly what the other lawyer did is not original, and many clients will see through it.

So what is the correct way to follow the lead of successful attorneys?

  • Study the reasons why the individual is successful. If the individual built a client base by offering valuable free educational materials, copy this technique.
  • Put yourself into your legal advertising. Copying the idea of writing a free book for potential clients may be an excellent idea. However, the book should contain unique content and be delivered in an interesting, different way.

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