What Is the Best Way to Distribute a Legal Newsletter?

What is the best way to send a legal newsletter.A legal newsletter is a valuable means for attorneys to reach out and maintain continuous, regular contact with clients and contacts. The newsletter can be distributed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. It can also be sent using email, posted on the law firm's website, or printed and sent through traditional mail. 

An important key to successful legal marketing is regular follow-up. However, a properly drafted newsletter with interesting and relevant content takes time and energy to create. Therefore, in order to maximize effectiveness, the newsletter should reach clients frequently enough to keep the firm fresh in the mind of its contacts without compromising the ability of the lawyers or their staff to provide quality legal services, and without sacrificing the quality of the content. Typically, this will ideally translate to a monthly distribution to all law firm contacts.

The manner of distribution for the legal newsletter should also maximize the number of potential clients that it reaches. While email is the least expensive medium and is transmitted quickly and easily, research has shown that more people are visiting websites such as Facebook and YouTube than checking their email on a regular basis. Similarly, merely posting the newsletter on the law firm website is too passive a method to reach clients. Taking the extra step to print actual newsletters is a physical reminder of the firm to the individuals who receive it.

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