What is the point of advertising my law practice if most people ignore the advertisements they see?

Well, let's analyze your question logically. Why should any law firm—or any company in the world, for that matter—advertise its services, since the vast majority of TV commercials and internet pop-up ads and billboards fail to engage their intended audience? If you took this proposition to its logical extreme, the entire advertising industry would collapse overnight—and there would be no way (except word of mouth) to inform people about the “product” you're offering. (There would also be tens of thousands of unemployed advertising executives, but let's not worry about that now.)

The fact is that law firm advertising was, is, and always will be a scattershot endeavor: most of your ads will miss their target, no matter how highly targeted your campaign is and no matter how much money you spend. Your aim should be to utilize only the most efficient media to advertise your practice (whether that's your website or your local Yellow Pages), and not to throw your money away on media that have a low rate of return (which can include everything from daytime TV commercials to blimps flying over sports stadiums).

There's a hundred-year-old quote to this effect that still applies today: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don't know which half.”

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