What Lawyers Should Know About PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising is one way to get more clients into your legal marketing funnel.Pay-per-click advertising has become vitally important to effective law firm marketing programs. Because the advertisements appear only in response to the precise words the user types into his search request, you can tailor the landing page of your website to the exact needs of your potential client. Obviously, then, choosing the right keywords is essential.

It is wise to recognize that the things to avoid putting in a pay-per-click advertisement are as important as the things that you do include in your ad. There are some things that are important to avoid:

  • Very general terms such as “personal injury attorney.” The competition is simply too fierce for those kinds of terms. Instead consider something more specific to your practice and to where you are located, such as “Columbus medical malpractice lawyer.”
  • Negative Keywords. These are words that you don’t want be associated with your practice. They may include terms like “job,” “joke,” “bad,” and “pictures.” You don’t want to attract people looking for a Columbus medical malpractice lawyer job, a medical malpractice lawyer joke, a bad attorney, or pictures of you. Anyone searching for those terms is probably not serious about finding a lawyer to hire.
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