What Makes A Good Attorney Website Video?

How do you make a good attorney video for your website?Online lawyer videos are a great option for small law firm advertising, not only because a video is relatively inexpensive to produce, but also because the investment is the same for your firm whether that video is watched 200 or 40,000 times. It’s obvious why so many firms are taking advantage of streaming video technology to promote themselves.

However, there are some big “don’ts” in the law firm video marketing. Ineffectual videos:

  • Emphasize the attorney’s accomplishments and expertise.
  • Are more focused on selling the firm than on making a connection with the viewer.
  • Are poorly produced, with unclear sound and video.
  • Do nothing to distinguish the firm from its competitors.

People who’ve come online to search for legal representation or more information about a specific type of case aren’t interested in seeing commercials. Chances are they’re in a situation that has left them distraught, overwhelmed and afraid.

If instead of telling them how hard you’ll fight to win, you show them something that helps them understand their case better, you’ve already started building a relationship of trust.

Effective videos:

  • Help the viewer identify the nature of their problem.
  • Give a takeaway, something that will help the viewer take an effective next step.
  • Are competently produced, with crisp video and clear sound.
Ben Glass
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