What Makes a Good Mastermind Group or Think Tank for Your Legal Marketing Efforts?

How to build a mastermind group for your legal marketing.A strong legal marketing campaign will require you to think outside the box to attract clients ethically and innovatively. It can be challenging to do this alone. Typically, small law firms who are looking to create complex and dynamic law firm marketing campaigns benefit from getting together with like-minded small businesses in what we call a mastermind group or think tank.

The other members of your mastermind group may, or may not, be other law firms. The idea is that a group of small businesses, who are each committed to developing their business through ethical marketing campaigns, get together regularly to share ideas. Some groups find it beneficial to meet biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly.

There are no hard and fast rules about what should happen at a mastermind meeting. However, you should leave the meeting feeling excited about some creative lawyer marketing ideas that you can explore further.

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