Why do you need learn about marketing strategies that are specific to attorneys and law firms? Why can’t you just get help from any number of so-called “marketing gurus” on the Internet? Let’s face it: marketing legal services is very different from marketing other goods and services—and you probably already know that from trying to get exposure and better cases for your law office.

First of all, attorneys must market their law offices under the direction of their state bar associations. They face limitations that other businesses simply don’t have to deal with, such as not being able to claim specializations or not being able to post content without approval. You are literally playing with a different set of rules from those other companies use.

Secondly, you have a lot of very similar competition. More lawyers are graduating from law school every year, and yet jobs for attorneys are getting harder and harder to come by. You probably have stiff competition in your area even if you’ve chosen a niche—and some of your competitors may be spending a fine dime on marketing efforts.

Finally, attorneys have the added challenge of marketing to a very specific and very local audience—something that is tough to do online. How do you make sure your online marketing dollars go toward only a small geographic area, and how do you make sure you are targeting your ideal clients?

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.