What Resources in Google AdWords Can I Use to Refine My Marketing?

What tools avaliable in Google Adwords can help you monitor your law firm's website?Google AdWords is one resource that can help you understand if your law firm marketing efforts are helping you attract the new clients that you want to attract with your website. It is worth the time to learn how Google AdWords works and what it can do for you.

If you use a pay-per-click ad campaign to market your law firm, for example, Google AdWords can identify the parts of your ad that are working and that parts that need improvement. Some of the basic reports that you can access from Google include:

  • Placement/Keyword Report: This report will provide you with information about cost, conversion, and cost per conversion. You can see what each keyword is costing you and whether those keywords are converting for you.
  • Ad Performance Report: This report will look at the text of your ad to see how well it is performing.
  • URL Performance Report: This report allows you to determine how well your landing page is working.
This is only the beginning of what Google AdWords can do for you. If you are interested in learning more about Google AdWords and other tips and tricks for evaluating your law firm website, then we encourage you to browse the resources available on our website.
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