How to achieve success with your lawyer marketing.By this point, you should have established some personal injury lawyer marketing goals and clarified precisely what you need to do—and can skip doing—to transform those goals into reality.

But you still need more help. After all, plans are great. But plans change. And intentions are also great. But you can’t feed your family with intentions. There is one vital component of any marketing strategy – it’s a component that’s at once obvious and not so obvious.

The key is action!

You need to take action towards your goals, even if you are not totally clear about what you need to do, when you need to do it, and so forth. It’s important to plan, but your plan will change as you go along. And if you never start to “go along,” even your best planning will be for naught.

Taking action is often far harder than people realize. You might think to yourself, “I already take action all the time.” You probably do…but much of the time, you probably aren’t taking the right kinds of action. You are certainly racking up billable hours, networking with colleagues, and running other aspects of your business. And you might be trying a bunch of tactics with respect to your marketing. But taking action towards new goals often requires you to break out of your comfort zone and try new things.

  • It’s one thing to go into the office and do the same thing you do every day and you’ve done over the last five years.
  • It’s another thing entirely to take a look at an innovative marketing plan and make that first risky phone call to the television ad agency or to your dream SEO company.

Taking action in an unconventional direction can throw you off your game. It can compel you to do serious soul-searching about what you’re really trying to accomplish and why you are trying to accomplish it. The actions you need to take to reach your legal marketing goals are very different from the actions you need to do to maintain the status quo. You must break out of habitual ways of thinking, and revitalize the basic beliefs you have about law firm marketing.

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