What should I look for in a leader, or organizer, when I am comparing different legal marketing seminars?

If you are going to invest the money and time in attending a legal marketing conference and you are serious about making changes in your law firm, then it is important to do your own research and to know who is leading the conference.

Generally, you want to look for someone who is:
  • A lawyer. An attorney who actually practices law is in the best position to understand the challenges that you face and to help you overcome them.
  • A good marketer. Check out the leader or organizer’s own website. Is it impressive? Is it different than the competition?
  • Known. You want to attend a conference with a lead speaker or organizer who is known in the field of legal marketing.

You can tell a lot about a particular conference and how useful that conference might be for you by doing your own research on the person, or organization, sponsoring the conference. Remember that both legal experience and attorney marketing experience are important.

Do you have questions about who will be leading, organizing, or presenting at a Great Legal Marketing conference? All of our presenters are included on our agenda which are on our website and available for you. Find out who is going to be teaching you the skills that you need to change your marketing plan, your practice, and your life. Please call us at 703.591.9829 with any specific questions about legal marketing seminars.
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