I want to track my customer responses to make sure my marketing is working. I have a website, mailers, and a free book—which one should I track?

All of them. In this economy, many business owners are quick to stop investing in any costly marketing tactic if they feel that it isn’t working. However, without any concrete information about which media are bringing in customers, business owners are just making blind decisions.

For example, imagine you send out a flyer to your entire contact list with a specific trackable phone number or web page at the bottom—one that is only used for this mailing. By tracking the customers that call the number or visit the site, you will be able to determine:

  • How many total leads the flyer gained (and whether it offset the cost of printing)
  • How many of those leads became clients
  • The percentage of customers brought in by a specific type of marketing
  • The reliability of this type of marketing
  • Whether this tactic is right for you, and how best to apply it

By tracking all of your marketing materials separately, you be able to tell at a glance which of your marketing outlets is the most valuable. Comparing information on your customer sources will not only tell you exactly where your business is coming from, but how long it takes customers from that media to become clients, and which ones have the most potential to turn into leads for future business.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.