What Type of Attorney is Great Legal Marketing Best Suited For?

People who join Great Legal Marketing are lawyers in firms of 1-5 attorneys who generally fall into one of two types:

The first is someone who, upon discovering me and what I do, usually by extensive use of Google and the search functions of YouTube, says to themselves, "I've found it! The place that I always hoped existed and knew I would find one day."

These lawyers tend to be pretty successful at what they are doing already. They think about marketing a lot and have for years. What they tell me they have not been able to find in the past was the place or the person who was really able to show them something different, something that would take them to another level of success. These lawyers come to our events (most join our Coaching program before coming) and then they go home and implement.

They find that no matter how good their practices and their marketing were before joining, there are "holes in the bucket" that they learn to fill. In order to fill the holes as fast as possible, they typically will move up to and get in the line to join one of my area-exclusive MasterMind groups.

Truth be told, this type of lawyer represents less than 1% of the entire lawyer population in the country (but you know who you are).

The second type of lawyer who joins Great Legal Marketing typically has an "OK" practice. They likely took a hit with the economy of the last few years. This lawyer tends to have good years and bad, but never breaks out with any really super years, let alone a long-lasting, dramatic change in income and lifestyle. This type of lawyer realizes they should learn a lot more about marketing. They've been to the state bar solo and small firm conferences, but didn't walk away with any concrete advice, let alone any plan for implementation.

They may have tried a seminar run by some non-lawyer guru, but were put off by the disconnect they found in hearing stuff from the stage that they knew didn't apply to their practices.

Some of the second type of lawyer will get it when they join. They will join our Coaching program at the conference and they'll go back and implement. They will resist the naysayers back at the office who like to continue to lead the comfortable, "we have pretty good years most of the time" type of practice and they will grow. They will grow economically. They will grow professionally. They will grow in the eyes of their families.

But...some still won't do anything. They will hear a bunch of ideas. They will see real lawyers who have experienced rapid and profound growth, but they will never do anything to put themselves in that category.

Maybe it's a part of being human. Maybe they feel that they must run a practice and continually put their own livelihood second to that of clients. Maybe they are too afraid to stand up to their peers back in their hometowns and explain why they have suddenly become a celebrity. Maybe they just like the sound of their own voices complaining about the economy.

I don't know and I don't care. They are not my responsibility. I can't fix losers.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.