What “voice” should I use in my law firm’s marketing materials?

This may sound like a simple answer, but all materials—including your webpages, newsletters, and emails—should be written in your own voice. The trick is to be able to establish your style and tone without having to write every piece of content by yourself.

Remember: you want your firm to stand out from the crowd. All other law firms in your area will have polished websites, social media accounts, and offer a free consultation. Your personality is the only thing you have that other law firms don’t—so don’t be afraid to use it!

If you are looking to hire an assistant, you would want someone smart and capable. You might have fifty people apply for the job, and all of them are qualified. How do you make the choice? They all can do the job, but whom do you want to take the job? It all comes down to personality.

Your readers are thinking the same thing about you: they would rather hire a real person than a commodity. What are your opinions? What do you stand for? Don’t be afraid to take a personal stance on an issue: those who share your opinions and hire you as a result will make up for any readers you will lose.

Most successful law firm marketing campaigns have their own writers and editors who specialize in making web content snappy, informative, and easy to navigate. These articles are tailored to the preferences of the law firm; this way, all of the firm’s contact with the reader has been given with one voice.

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