What's so good about online video?

We've all got that friend who send us links to online videos of cute animals, crazy stunts, and the latest celebrity "oops" caught on tape. The world of online video has certainly changed the way we get news, entertainment, opinions, and learn new things.

Online videos are a great way to show potential clients your law firm in the flesh. Most clients are much more comfortable dealing with an attorney they've seen and "met" through their legal marketing, rather than just blindly requesting their services. Many patients say they chose their doctor based on how personable he looked and sounded, and not so much on his professional credentials.

Let's face it - we live in a world where appearances are a large part of how the public perceives us as professionals. If you can create an online video that accomplishes this, you're on the right legal marketing track. Clients like to see and hear who they're dealing with before making a decision to hire an attorney. They'll be much more comfortable setting up a consultation with you when they've already "met" you through your online video.

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