What's the difference between a keyword and a key phrase?

A keyword is a single word that is used in web content to drive search engines to display their web page on the search engine results list. Key phrases are a longer string of words (phrase) that is more specific to the details of the website content. While both are important to search engine rankings, key phrases tend to help niche marketed lawyers to reach their ideal clients.

Think about when a client searches for an attorney online. They're probably not just going to type in "attorney" they'll be more specific like "personal injury attorney". The single word is a keyword, and the 3 words are a key phrase. Key phrases are stronger because they eliminate all business law attorneys, divorce attorneys, and other non-personal injury attorneys from the search results.

Your website content should be focusing on developing and commanding those key phrases that explain your legal marketing niche the best. Are you a personal injury attorney in Fairfax, VA that specializes in dog bite injuries? Your key phrases should reflect that, so when a potential client searches for "dog bite attorney Fairfax" you're relevant website content pops up.

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