Too many lawyers and law offices take too many types of cases—and some even take basically any case that walks in the door. The thought behind their action is that the more cases and the more clients, the better. However, this is simply not true. By having a niche practice area, you can get better cases, make more money, and establish yourself as an authority on the topic.

By picking a niche, you are picking an expertise: you can spend your time and effort learning about a much narrower field of knowledge—and over time your community will recognize your knowledge and experience. When someone need an attorney for the legal issue you specialize in, she will either already know that you can help, or she will quickly find you online.

By picking a niche, you are also making the decision not to take on cases that don’t optimize your time and your skills. You should pick a niche that you are interested in, that you feel you excel at, and that brings you the type of success you are looking for. Get rid of the cases that don’t showcase your skills and that you don’t enjoy or profit from.

Ultimately, you will find that your practice thrives with a focus: you can invest more time in your cases rather than in keeping up to date with dozens of practice areas. You can establish yourself as an authority by showcasing your strengths. And you will see that clients come looking for you, not the other way around.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.