Far from being the negative behavior we tried to avoid in our youth, “copying” the habits of successful individuals is an excellent way to improve lawyer marketing. In order for this technique to work, however, the lawyer must copy the right individuals. How can an attorney find such successful people who are suitable for observing and following?

  • Consider which attorneys in the local community are the leaders who seem to attract business without having to over-advertise themselves.
  • Figure out which lawyers in the area are the go-to resources for most people who find themselves in need of legal services.
  • Observe businesses in the local community that have achieved success, regardless of their industry. The individuals behind these businesses may have used techniques that can just as easily be applied to an attorney marketing campaign.
  • Research attorneys online who excel in providing valuable educational resources to the public. These individuals understand that education-based legal marketing is the best way to attract new clients and earn their trust and respect.
  • Conduct research into successful business leaders of the past. Learn what unique actions they took that made them successful, and discover how they executed those actions.

If these individuals will allow you to meet with them for an informational interview, take the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible. If this is not possible, oftentimes background information can be found through research.

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