Who is the Great Legal Marketing Program NOT for?

Since Great Legal Marketing began in February 2006, we've had a number of lawyers join, only to quit sometime in the first 12 months. 83.4% join and stay, but the profile of those who quit is pretty telling:

• Please, don't join if you are on your last dollar and worry about whether you can turn the lights on next week. Implementation of marketing takes money. Your local bar association probably has a "20 things you can do to market your practice for free," but this isn't it. People who are broke and afraid tend to be looking for outright miracles and then they get really angry when I don't deliver a miracle. Not my kind of member.

• Don't join if you think you are going to get a flood of cases next Tuesday. This is a ridiculous claim made by one well-known marketing "guru."

• Don't join just to get our $4,000 marketing Toolkit that I send you when you join the coaching program. Sure, you can join for one month and keep the Toolkit, but you are obviously a loser and it's not going to help a person like you anyway.

• Don't join if you have bought a whole bunch of marketing stuff in the past and it's still sitting, shrink wrapped, on your floor. Sure, I'd love your money' but I hate taking money from losers.

• Some join just to get a discount at our next national marketing event. We can usually tell who they are going to be...they drive my staff crazy...ask for a ton of stuff that we don't give away, then quit, usually claiming"poverty."

• Don't join if you expect that just because you joined you have "instant access" to me. While my mastermind members have great access, even they don't think they can send a Yellow Pages ad that's due next week or send me an email (as one now terminated coaching member recently did) with their web address and think that I'm going to give you a "website analysis"before"close of business" today.

Remember, for me, it's Family, Law Practice, Great Legal Marketing Business.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.