Who should I add to my legal database?

Your contact database is the most important asset of your law firm. It can be nearly ten times as expensive to market to new clients as it is to bring back repeat customers, so you should update and flesh out your contact list as often as possible.

Roughly speaking, the list comprises names and addresses of everyone who has ever expressed any interest in hearing anything you have to say. It should include a wide variety of people, all of whom have given you their permission to market to them.

Here are some examples of people who should be on your list:

  • Customers. Everyone who has raised his or her hand to request any of your information should be added immediately.
  • Referrals. These potential clients may have come from a source other than your website.
  • Vendors. The people you are in business with need attorneys, too.
  • Local friends and relatives. You would no doubt want to represent a friend in need of an attorney. As a bonus, many will offer free feedback on your marketing materials.
  • Other local attorneys. Your list doesn’t just sell your services, it should network as well. Add attorneys who do not compete in your area of expertise (they are likely to refer those clients to you).
  • Other professionals. These should be people whose advice you respect and who you can learn from, whether or not they are in your field.

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