Who should update my social media profiles?

When you create a social media profile you are creating a virtual "you" on the Internet. A social media profile is your own identity on the Internet, whether it's a page for your law firm or a personal profile. In most cases, you'll want to handle the maintenance of your social media profile on your own.

Social networking is one of the latest and best legal marketing tools we've come across in recent years.
The Internet makes it easy to collect our fans in one neat place and interact with them through a few mouse clicks. Unfortunately, this also means it's very easy to have a public faux pas when someone else grabs control of your social networking accounts.

Even if you have a trusted employee in your office that handles your other legal marketing, you may want to be cautious as to what is said through your social media profiles.
In most cases, it's fairly safe to entrust a member of your staff with updating a business page for your law firm. However, when it comes to your own personal social media profile, you really wouldn't want someone else's words and opinions being posted under your name, would you?

It all depends on how comfortable you are with your staff managing such a public identity for your law firm. Many clients see social networking profiles as a serious source of information for a business, and will take anything posted on there to heart. If you are letting someone manage your social media profile, you should also monitor it yourself from time to time.

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