Who, what, when, where, why: What does that mean?

You’ve probably heard of the five “W”s before. These questions are a general pattern that reporters use to write an article. All of these questions should be answered in the first paragraph of a news item in order to give the reader accurate information as quickly as possible.

Your law firm’s website content should likewise answer all of these questions. After all, people search for what they want, where they are, and then choose who they want it from. If you tailor your content and keywords to reflect these search terms, you will have a website that appeals to both readers and search engines:

  • Who? Who is your ideal client? What information would he want to know?
  • What? What specifically is he looking for? The odds of someone finding your site from “New Jersey car accident” are much slimmer than someone who searches for “Parsippany turnpike crash.”
  • Where? Your geolocation keywords must direct customers from your area to your site.
  • Why? You may think that “why” speaks for itself: because this person needs an attorney. But considering the specific reasons she came to your site (her husband was injured in a construction accident, her child suffered a birth injury) will guide your practice area page content.
  • When? The answer to “When?” is always NOW. Your customers need help immediately—and you should not hesitate to tell them that time is of the essence. Create a sense of urgency in your prospective client, and he will not spend time trying to contact other lawyers.
  • How? This is your call to action. What can you offer to connect with that customer and follow up with him in the future?

If your keywords answer all of these questions, you’ve taken a big step toward converting readers into clients. For more great tips on perfecting your legal website, call 888-791-2150 today to join our Great Legal Marketing team.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.