Why are the lawyers I speak to critical of the legal marketing conference I want to attend?

Of course, without knowing the individual lawyers, our legal marketing consultants cannot provide you with the specific reasons why the lawyers whom you know are critical of legal marketing seminars. What we can do, however, is provide you with some of the common reasons why some people are critical of law firm marketing conferences in general and our Great Legal Marketing conferences specifically.

Good legal marketing conferences, like those provided by Great Legal Marketing, present new ideas. The attorney marketing ideas presented at our conferences comply with all applicable ethical requirements and are ideas that you will be proud to share with your potential clients, colleagues, and family. However, they are not the same techniques that the majority of people in the legal community are using.

These new ideas, therefore, scare many lawyers. It is similar to the way that TV ads and even yellow page ads scared attorneys of previous generations.

Change can be difficult. Yet, when change is done in an ethical and exciting way, it can also be powerful. The new marketing ideas that you learn at a Great Legal Marketing conference can help you get new clients, make more money in less time, and lead the lifestyle that you desire.

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