We know it feels good to follow industry norms and do what everyone else is doing—just like it’s easy to crumble to peer pressure, buy into the next big trend, or follow the crowd. But just because something is easy and comfortable doesn’t mean it is the best choice for you.

  • If you follow industry norms, you are doing exactly what your competition is doing, and clients are going to have a hard time differentiating you. Not only that, but you will be attracting the same exact clients as your competition. You won’t stand out and you won’t excel.
  • If you follow industry norms, you are assuming that conventional legal marketing is the optimum strategy. What have you done to confirm that the marketing ideas you use and the approach you take to your job are the best? Have you ever tried anything different or thought through what might be best for you?
  • If you follow industry norms, nothing will change. If you are reading this, you probably aren’t totally happy with your life. Your practice may not be as successful as you like. You might be overworked. Your marketing plan may not be working. How are you going to make things different? Probably not by continuing on the same path you are on. If you follow the same path everyone else has already taken, there’s no way you’re going end up the leader.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.