Why do I need a multi-media marketing campaign?

Thousands of advertisements cram their way into the minds of almost every person in America every day. If you look around from where you’re sitting right now, you will more than likely see several advertising campaigns or company logos at work, competing for the next dollar you spend. The trick to successful marketing strategies is to be the one to stand out among thousands. How to do that is tricky, but there are good ways, and bad ways, to get there.

The tried and (somewhat) true marketing strategy for law firms has been to spend as much money as possible and hope that the clients it brings in will make up the difference. But what does that do? Law firms put endless money into the Yellow Pages, billboards, and commercials, just hoping that it all works out.

There’s a good analogy when it comes to marketing. Think of a professional football team and its manager, or you and your fantasy team. The quarterback and a receiver don’t win championships. It takes more than a one-pronged attack to win. There are the linemen, the kicker, the defense, and a list of assistants that never ends. These are the people who make the game what it is and make teams into winners. All teams have at least two good quarterbacks, and all teams have a few good receivers, so all teams would be fairly similar. However, it’s the extra muscle in the various other parts of the team that takes home champions.

So when your billboard or Yellow Pages ad is right next to another lawyer’s ad, all you can do is hope a potential client comes to you. But a well-rounded marketing strategy that caters to all potential clients and provides quality information will have a better shot at getting you the clients you deserve.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.