Why do I need to know how to add content to my website? Can’t one of my employees do it for me?

Sure they can. In fact, there should be many people who have access to the “backstage” area of your website. You can’t be everywhere at once, and your team should definitely be doing the heavy lifting in the content department.

However, even if you have others handling this part of the process for you, it is vital that you know how to use the web content management system yourself. Here are just a few things you may need to address quickly, without running to find a web maven who can do it for you:

  • Mistakes. Your readers may alert you to errors, typos, or other information that needs to be corrected, and it must be done immediately to maintain your credibility.
  • Comments. A customer may leave a comment or contact you, and if they are not answered quickly they will lose interest in your response—or worse, ask another attorney before you have had a chance to respond.
  • Breaking news. When news related to your firm is happening in your area, you need to bring readers to your site quickly. Customers will begin searching wildly for information, and getting in front of them—before your competition—will give you a huge boost in your online rankings.
  • Spamming. There are robots on the Internet called “spambots” that will fill your comments section with erroneous ads and links to other sites. These are a sign of a derelict business, and need to be deleted or blocked as soon as they are discovered.

Remember: in order to maintain a presence on Google, you have to have both the technology and the ability to use it effectively. If you can’t be bothered to learn how your technology works, you have deliberately defined the perimeter of your own competence. You have become the boss who cannot make an outgoing phone call from his office without the help of his receptionist.

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Ben Glass
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