I know that I work a lot harder than my competitors, but they get more cases than I do. It’s not fair! What am I doing wrong?

Well, it could be any number of things. Too many attorneys make the mistake of thinking that hard work in itself will get results, when it actually has no bearing on your legal marketing campaign.

It’s not how hard you work, but what you’re working on.

If you are an attorney who works days and nights, accepting every case that comes in, there is still no guarantee that you will stay ahead of your competition. In fact, this kind of behavior may actually get you a reputation as the “cleanup” lawyer—the one who gets all the little cases that nobody wants.

Take a look at your current caseload. How many of your current clients:

  • Have cases you didn’t want to take?
  • Have a legal issue that is outside your ideal practice area?
  • Are unpleasant to work with?
  • Do not have very profitable cases?

It may be hard to decline a case, but it will be harder in the long run if you try to help everyone. You will likely run yourself ragged over cases that will not bring in much money, your home and family life may suffer if you spend your life in the office, and your health will ultimately be affected.

The key is to establish a balance that brings in clients and maximizes your attention to each detail, so that no effort (or dollar) on your part is wasted. The best marketing for lawyers involves a lot of know-how, but once you’ve got a system in place, it should more or less run itself. All you have to do is make adjustments to your advertising campaign, and the rest of the time, you can dedicate yourself to your family and clients.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.