Why is it a mistake to copy the attorney marketing strategies of other attorneys?

Copying the legal marketing techniques of other attorneys can be a mistake if the lawyers that you are following are not practicing effective marketing strategies. Sadly, the vast majority of today’s attorneys fall into this category. The following is an overview as to why this may be a costly mistake that many lawyers make.
  • Law school does not teach effective marketing. Therefore, the lawyers that you are copying often have little to no background in advertising. Would it not be a wiser decision to copy the techniques utilized by a marketing professional with a proven track record, even if that individual is not in the legal industry?
  • The lawyers that you are copying are likely just copying someone else. Attorneys see another firm advertising on a search directory, for example, and suddenly there are hundreds of lawyers doing the same thing. If you are merely doing the same things that everyone else is doing, how will you ever stand out in this long list available to consumers?
  • By doing exactly what the other attorneys in your area are doing, by definition, your legal advertising campaign is at best average.
Instead of observing and replicating the legal marketing techniques of every other attorney in your area, seek out a legal professional whose advertising is unique and creative. Observe the strategies that the attorney employs, and consider how you can incorporate those techniques into your own marketing.

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