Why is managing expectations through law firm marketing important?

When expectations are properly defined and understood prior to the beginning of the lawyer client relationship, the likelihood is much higher that both parties will leave the relationship feeling satisfied. These expectations can be set in advance through the attorney marketing campaign. During the initial interactions with the potential client, the attorney should:

  • define each party’s role
  • explain what staff people the client can expect to work with
  • outline the legal process in detail
  • discuss fees and costs
  • state when and how the attorney can be contacted

The reasons for setting these expectations during the legal marketing stage are numerous. Unhappy clients result in the following:

  • Poor reviews either posted online, in writing, or passed verbally to others.
  • Lack of referrals from the former client when future legal needs arise for the client’s friends, families, and colleagues.
  • Poor impression of the legal process. Even if the lawyer did a fantastic job and achieved great results for the client, if he or she did not meet the client’s expectations they will not leave the situation with a favorable impression.
  • Stress to the lawyer caused by the emails, phone calls, and meetings where the client expresses dissatisfaction and demands quick fixes.
  • Inability to focus on what is important. The lawyer’s time should be primarily spent handling the client’s case. If the lawyer has to respond to multiple messages from the client or spend time calming the client down, that is time that is being taken away from productive case preparation.

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