Why is niche marketing important?

When you're not willing to take every case that comes in your office doors, you don't need to market to every client out there. Niche marketing allows you to advertise your legal services to only the clients you want to attract. By narrowing your legal marketing scope to target your ideal clients, you'll save yourself time and money.

Fishermen cast a wide net when they're looking for any type of fish just to feed their family. But when you're fishing for a purpose, like sport, you're selecting only the lures or bait that are really going to attract the fish you want. Getting those ideal clients is much the same; you don't want to waste time hauling in a huge net of clients when you're going to turn most of those cases down.

By creating a niche marketing plan you can devote your time and money to advertising in the places your ideal clients are most apt to look. You don't need to waste thousands of dollars on broad-spectrum marketing methods that make you waste time vetting unwanted clients. When you use niche marketing methods you may obtain a smaller volume of response, but a higher quality of ideal clients will come from that group.

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