Why should I automate my legal marketing?

Marketing automation is a key component of your legal marketing strategy if you want to create more free time for yourself. With the great advances in technology, daunting tasks like sending out 100s of newsletters or contacting your entire client list at once have been simplified to a few clicks of a button.

In the past, if you wanted to do a monthly newsletter (which, yes, should be a part of your legal marketing) you had to hire an intern or office assistant to sit and print, stuff, stamp and mail 100s of envelopes. Now there are companies that do all this for you, or even better; e-newsletters which are completely digital. No need to hire extra help; all it takes now is you developing the content and putting the basic newsletter together - then let marketing automation handle the rest.

Having good client database software is also a huge help to your marketing automation. Many of the better programs can allow you to mass-email your entire client list, or certain groups, whenever a necessary update is needed. Holidays and special occasions can be marked with a friendly e-mail; consistent correspondence with your clients is an integral part of your legal marketing.

Once you can get some of the more tedious parts of your legal marketing running (without your interaction) through marketing automation, you'll find more free time to do other things. Don't be worried that things will fall apart without your constant attention - that leads to overstressing about unimportant details and loss of focus on the real issue: enjoying your life.

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