Why should I be marketing to an “ideal client?” Don’t I want to attract lots of different kinds of people to my law practice?

Of course you do. However, you may find that marketing to one specific person brings a lot of different people across all age ranges and job descriptions to your door.

Sound strange? Not if you think about how marketing works. For example, let’s say you have no ideal client in mind. You list your practice area pages and qualifications, and say you are ready to help anyone… and yet, you have little to no response on your website. This is because you’re using a “catch-all” approach to marketing—and your text and content will have to be vague and unfocused in order to apply to everyone.

Now, let’s try appealing to one specific person: a worker who has been injured on a construction site near your town. This person will likely be out of work, in his mid-thirties to forties, and probably has a family to support. Now that you know him, you can appeal to his concerns: payment for his medical bills and worker’s compensation to provide income for his children.

And here’s the interesting part: this type of client-specific legal marketing will attract other customers even if they’re not your target audience. Your readers will see how you go about helping someone in specific circumstances, walking them through the problem and stating how you can offer assistance. These snapshots show prospective clients how you will help them, rather than simply telling them you can.

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