Why should I bother spending money on advertising? Aren’t all law firms basically the same?

It’s amazing how many attorneys assume that all of their advertising dollars will be wasted because there is no way to tell one law firm from another. Frankly, the idea is pretty insulting. After all, did you go through law school just because you wanted to be like everyone else? Of course not!

What most of these people don’t understand is that not all vendors are created equal just because they offer the same services. For example, think of all the fast food joints that sell hamburgers. There are a lot to choose from, about three that are the most popular, and one that’s dominating the market. It’s the same with electronics, coffee shops, and any other product you can name—the only difference is what they offer and how they market it.

There is a reason your clients will choose you above your competitors: you just need to figure out what that reason is. Once you find that selling proposition, you can create an interesting and educational system to market it—one that will keep your customer base informed and growing. When your strategy is fully developed, people will even come to know you by your marketing, giving you a brand name that future clients can flock to (and that your competition will struggle to emulate).

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Ben Glass
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