That’s true. When you open up the ability to comment on your blog, you can’t pick and choose who’s going to reply (or what kind of comment they’re going to make). However, there are ways to steer the conversation into a healthy and informational debate. This is much better than simply turning the comments off; if your readers can’t weigh in, it’s going to make you look at best unapproachable—at worst, like a know-it-all.

Here are three reasons you should allow comments on your law firm’s website:

  • Increasing traffic. There’s a reason social media sites are the most popular places on the web: they allow people to interact with what’s going on, rather than just read about it. Commenting on your site gives your readers a chance to interact with you, making you seem accessible as a person and a professional—two key ways to improve your legal practice.
  • Fans to the rescue. Once you have built up a loyal fan base, you can use your followers’ input to battle any negative comments you receive. For every person who leaves an uninformed comment, there’s probably another ready to jump to your “defense.” However, you must make sure that your fans know where to go, so make good use of your Twitter feed to alert them to any ongoing debates.
  • Comment moderation. If you are afraid of someone leaving defamatory messages about you in the comments, you can always opt to turn on comment moderation. This allows you to see and approve each comment before it goes “live.”

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