Why should I provide so many different types of articles on my website?

Great Legal Marketing advises putting a few different types of articles on your website for providing information to potential customers. It might seem a little redundant, and it might make organizing your website slightly more difficult, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Potential customers will not read a law firm’s website like a news website, Facebook, or any other website that they want to read. The average person does not generally read a lawyer’s website for entertainment, and often his mind will drift off the task. It’s very important you counter this tendency. Keep the reader on your website so your name will be more easily remembered.

The successful law firm marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing recommend having three or four types of informational articles, including library articles, blogs, FAQs, and news articles. It might seem troublesome to write and organize so many different types of content, but it keeps the wandering eyes of clients on the website.

So why four different types of information? It gives the lawyer the opportunity to speak in many different “voices”:

  • You can be formal and informative in your library articles, describing the specific bankruptcy laws in New York or how to report a car accident to an insurance company.
  • Blogs can be more informal, where the lawyer can just talk to the person as another human. Blogs will often provide commentary based on the facts of a library article.
  • FAQs—frequently asked questions—get right down to the point in a question and answer format.
  • News articles make the previous information relevant to the reader by providing examples of current events relevant to the practice area. News pieces let clients (and potential clients) know they’re not alone with their troubles. 

It might seem tedious to put that much work into free information, but the people will appreciate it—and your contact list will grow.

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