Why should I spend my money on a radio ad for my law firm? Isn’t my website enough?

If you’ve been following our Great Legal Marketing tips, then your website is no doubt informative and interactive. But the web is a big place, and it doesn’t matter how great your page is: if nobody can find it, it’s not going to help your business.

Most people will hear a radio ad and then seek out the business online. While you may mention the phone number and web address, your potential clients will often be driving or have their hands full when the ad is on—but if they remember your name, a simple Google search will lead them to your site.

Radio ads can fill a few holes in your legal marketing campaign. For instance:

  • Radio ads are subtle. Unlike a TV ad, a legal radio advertising spot is only a few seconds long, familiarizes potential clients with the law firm and its practice areas, and does not overwhelm the listener with repetitive tropes (like frightening graphics of gavels and “foreclosure” stamps).
  • Radio ads are catchy. If you’ve ever been annoyed by a new song on the radio only to turn it up a month later, you know how effective repetition can be for marketing. People who turn off or tune out your ad in the first few weeks will still remember the ad when they think about hiring an attorney.
  • Radio ads are a missed opportunity. Many attorneys put their advertising into television rather than radio, making radio an open advantage for savvy marketers—especially if they offer a free book or other information to the listeners.

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