Why should you use Twitter to help market your law firm?Sure, your clients and potential clients can just look on your website—if they can find it. Maybe the better question is, How can I make sure that using Twitter will get me the results I want?

The important thing to remember is that Twitter is just one link in the chain of your law firm’s web marketing strategy. You don’t need to advertise your legal practice on every webpage on the Internet, but you’d be silly not to be on the one page that everybody is reading.

Here are just a few reasons to use Twitter for online legal marketing:

  • Everybody else is. Well, maybe not everybody—but with nearly 200 million registered users, at least one person you know is checking his feed on a daily basis. That’s one person you could have made into a client (who will likely have found your competition through Twitter).
  • It’s FREE. Most social marketing sites offer free accounts, making your investment well worth the return. By adding keywords to your posts, you’re making sure local traffic makes it to your page—easily turning readers in your area into contacts.
  • It takes about a minute. The whole point of Twitter is to communicate with your audience in a message that is under 140 characters. This the perfect length to promote an update to your website (How does the new Texas helmet law affect your kids? Check our blog to find out!). Just don’t forget to add a link.

Of course, social media marketing is always changing and evolving—and the only way to stay competitive is to make sure you’re changing along with it.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.