Do I Need to Hand Out Company Pens, Mugs, And Magnets, or Is It Just A Waste of Money?

Will branded items help promote my law firm?It depends on what you consider wasted—and what materials you are relying on to spread the word about your business. Done well, your law firm’s marketing materials can be an effective way of bringing in new clients; done poorly, you’ll end up eating a lot of the cost.

For example, let’s say you buy two boxes of pens for your firm. You give them away at conferences (where everyone else does, too), keep them in the office (where everyone already works for you), and give them to your family and friends (who would have hired you anyway). When one of these pens does make it to a client, it is one among many he has floating around the house—and will more likely spend its life in a drawer rather than being seen and used.

On the other hand, you may choose to order a box of magnetic calendar pads with your firm’s web address on it. Then you mail these, along with your company newsletter, to your subscribers. If one calendar is hung on your client’s refrigerator or file cabinet and is seen by at least ten people per day for one year, it will be viewed a minimum of 3,650 times (most likely more, if it is hung in a communal area of the home or office)—and that is only one calendar.

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