I feel like I’m contacting my prospective customers all the time. Aren’t they going to feel pressured or annoyed by all of the mailings and emails I’m sending?

Probably not. After all, they gave you permission to market to them when they signed up for your newsletter, free book, or other materials in the past. You should never be marketing to anyone who hasn’t given his consent.

That said, the reason you send these materials out is to keep your name fresh in your contacts’ minds—and if you’re annoying them, that name will be mud. The best law firm marketing ideas depend on consistent and considerate contact with your customers, which often means:

  • Tailor your “opting out” choices. All of your materials should include a line or link with simple instructions for “opting out” of your marketing. In some cases, customers who receive too many emails may not want to unsubscribe completely, just receive one message a month. Better to keep them less often than lose them completely.
  • Switch up your message. People are easily bored if all your contact with them points toward a single message (hire us!). Instead, send a newsletter with the happenings around the office, or changes in local laws that can affect the cases you serve. If you’re appearing on a radio show offering free legal advice, send a postcard inviting them to listen in.
  • Exceed your clients’ expectations. Imagine someone is so annoyed by your constant marketing materials that he calls you up and grills you for legal information. Imagine his surprise when being greeted by courteous staff, being put through to an apologetic and knowledgeable attorney, and getting answers to all of his questions with no pressure to sign a contract. I’ll bet he is glad you sent “too many” newsletters now!
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.