How can I tell if my keywords will give me a high Google ranking AND attract my ideal clients?

Many attorneys find it difficult to find the “sweet spot” of advertising for humans and search engine robots. If you haven’t had much experience using keywords before, here are a few must-have guidelines to remember:

  • Practice the 5 W’s. Most of the keywords you will use to attract your ideal clients will be local search terms. Think like a reporter: your keywords should cover the who, what, where, when and why of your ideal customer. “Who” is you (attorney, law firm, etc.); “what” is your practice area (divorce, bankruptcy), “where” is your area (to avoid using your home city and state over and over again, pick five or six towns near you where your ideal client is likely to live, work, or shop). “Why” is a mix of long-tail keywords (“died while in surgery in TX”) that produce a set of small, specific results. “When” is always now.
  • Make your content match your keywords. The goal of your marketing should be to provide organic keyword placement so that your content is highly searchable and reads naturally. If your headline contains the term “Texas birth defects,” your supporting content must relate to these keywords in a direct and natural way.
  • Do your research. If you’re really at a loss, you can always visit your competition’s websites to find out which terms are being used for your services in your area. After you have narrowed down which terms you want to use, you can visit your website’s backstage area to discover which phrases your customers used to find you, helping you identify and expand on the most effective key phrases for your website.
Ben Glass
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