Will My Legal Marketing System Be Expensive?

It could be. How much you spend on your legal marketing system is ultimately up to you, but luckily, so is where and how you spend it.

Consider the attorneys who are spending money year after year to put their ads in the Yellow Pages or in the back pages of magazines. These ads probably haven’t changed in several years, sporting the same outdated photos, ineffective slogans, and pay-by-the-word copy.

Sure, these ads have exposure, at least, for the small demographic that still reads print media. But what is surrounding these expensive ads? Virtually identical ads for competing firms, with the same graphics and very similar copy. Blending in with the crowd is unlikely to bring you new clients (unless you get lucky when they close their eyes and point at the page).

If you are going to pursue a marketing campaign that will increase your law firm’s profit margin, you’re going to have to spend money. So now the issue becomes: how will I spend my marketing budget?

First, you can take advantage of free marketing media. Facebook and Twitter offer regular daily exposure for your firm, and neither one will cost you a cent. The same can be said for YouTube, where you can host informational videos (starring you!) for free.

Next, you should be attracting your ideal client to your website. While you can probably host a simple website for free (or close to free), it is worth spending the money to optimize and design a site that will be ranked highly by both humans and search engine robots.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.