I can’t imagine turning down cases. Will it really help my legal business?

It depends on the kind of business you want. If you don’t mind taking all the little cases—if you are truly happy working as much as you do for the money you earn—then there’s nothing wrong with that. However, most attorneys who come into the Great Legal Marketing fold are here for a reason: they want to improve their practice rather than just get by.

When attorneys first start out on their own, they are told time and time again that they should sacrifice everything to maintain their practice. Their health, free time, family life and even sleep are considered non-essential when it comes to serving the public.

After a few years of this, attorneys are reluctant to change the way they work—understandably, because it got them this far. But while building a great practice requires dedication, it shouldn’t require 100 percent of your life. That’s not practical, and it’s not fair. You got into this business for a reason, and YOU should dictate how your business is run.

Streamlining your business can be as easy asking yourself:

Now that you know the answers, your best law firm marketing strategy is to attract these kinds of cases—and reject all others. Focus only on your ideal client’s case, questions, and problems, making him feel as if your marketing was created just for him.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.