My year-to-date revenue went up 41% over the previous year.

Joel Beck
Estate Planning | Florida

My yearly revenue increased 60% while I am working less than ever before.

Wayne Holcomb
Family Law | Virginia

Since joining Great Legal Marketing, my income and law firm have more than tripled. I simply followed the basic steps and I started seeing results. Now I am in a great position and am trying to tweak and improve things. Great Legal Marketing continues to help me in these endeavors so I never have to recreate the wheel.

Michele Lewane
Workers Compensation | Virginia

I used the Great Legal Marketing methods to take my solo firm from under $10,000 per month to a conglomerate earning over $1.25M per year.

Van Hardenbergh
Criminal Law| Virginia

I take time off whenever I want; I never miss important school events; and am always home for family dinner.

Stacey Barrus
Personal Injury | Texas

I had that growth of $150,000 to over $500,000 in just one year and I know my first $1,000,000 year is right around the corner

Lee Berlin
Sex Crime Law | Oklahoma

Kellem Parks | Personal Injury

"I knew that if I just simply followed some of these steps then I'd be successful."

Michael Wasylik | Foreclosure Defense & Mortgage Fraud

"Ben is the first person that was able to package [great marketing] for lawyers."

I used the Great Legal Marketing methods to take my solo firm from under $10,000 per month to a conglomerate earning over $1.25M per year.

The GLM system worked for me and it can work for anybody. It took a lot of faith to sign up, but after listening to the Coaching and MasterMind calls for a few months, I started to catch on, and the more ideas I implemented, the more my practice grew. I learned everything I know about marketing my practice from Ben, Bob Battle, and their team of superstars. Call me any time for details about how I found success in my practice using GLM.

Van Hardenbergh
Criminal Defense | Virginia

I’ve been a trial lawyer for 25 years. I’ve even won a case in front of the United States Supreme Court, but I was clueless when it came to marketing my practice and maximizing my efficiency.

Ben’s methods have allowed me to work less and earn more. His strategy of taking no unscheduled client phone calls has doubled my productivity and protected me from the “energy vampires” that previously sapped my strength and wasted my time.

Mace Yampolsky
Criminal Defense | Nevada

Ben Glass takes law practice building to a whole new level — innovative, smart, ethical, and life enhancing too! No one knows this subject better.

Patrick A. Malone
Medical Malpractice/Drug Product Liability | DC

Goes beyond ethical and information-based marketing to provide valuable time management and practice management skills as well. Exceeded expectations!

Bradley D. Harville
Personal Injury | Kentucky

Your program is the best. I have looked at other programs, been sent samples and spent many hours evaluating them. I learned more in an hour of reading Great Legal Marketing than in weeks of reading “the other guys' stuff.” The result: clients that I want and more of them.

When I opened my firm, I read everything I could about marketing. Then I came across your information. In less time, I received more high quality cli­ents just by listening to you. In my opinion, you are THE marketing guru for lawyers. I spend less time wading through tons of phone calls and emails on cases I do not want.

Your program gives me more time to practice law, while I spend less time on marketing, giving me more time to work up my files and keep my clients happy. I am getting the types of cases that I want to get.

Jonathan G. Stein
Personal Injury/Insurance | California

“WOW! What can I possibly say that you haven’t heard before? I am so very happy about my decision to join GLM in late 2012. I have already exceeded my goals in 2013. I just had my most profitable summer ever!

Thank you so much for teaching us so much and for sharing so many great tools, ideas, and strategies to turn my law practice into the one I
dreamed about when I decided to become a lawyer. With much gratitude and best wishes for continued success.”

Robert Malove
Criminal Defense | Florida

What GLM Members Say About Ben

"Please don’t attend Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing Summit. Especially if you live in Missouri or Illinois. I consider the information taught to be extremely powerful and I don’t want you to know about it. I want it all to myself. Please heed my advice; my wife and kids rely on me to provide for them. Thanks in advance for your cooperation."

Chris Dysart
Personal Injury

"You and your team exceeded my expectations yet again. I was impressed not only by the knowledge and creativity of everyone present, but also the kindness and eagerness to share ideas shown by your team and the other attendees. Not only are you a collection of brilliant minds, but of kind hearts and generous spirits. Thank you."

Carol O’Connor-Cadiz
Real Estate, Bankruptcy, DUI

"Your initiatives and proprietary materials and approaches towards building rewarding law practices are changing the lives of the people who work with you and your very professional staff. GLM preaches not just revenue enhancement marketing for lawyers, but your approach is enriching the lives of our families and communities. Well done, Ben!

Mitchell Birzon
Personal Injury

"Ben, as a new coaching member this year, I had some idea of what to expect from the GLM Summit; however, the depth of information provided blew me away! My marketing director and I have so many new, exciting marketing ideas, we'll be working overtime for weeks (and months!) to come.

Kellam T. Parks
Personal Injury

I’ve looked at a lot of lawyer marketing materials, most written by non-lawyers who really have no idea of what pressures we all face
running a law office, especially in this era of tort reform. Ben Glass really talks to every one of us because he actually runs a profitable and growing personal injury practice. Having the opportunity to look over his shoulder to see how he markets his firm will be of immense value to
any personal injury lawyer. You won’t find this information in any of the standard “How to Build Your Personal Injury Practice” books.

From what I’ve seen, Ben is “the top marketing expert” for personal injury attorneys, which is evidenced by the fact that his keen insight is based on real world experience instead of theory. The wealth of knowledge Ben has about marketing is something that should be sought after by any personal injury attorney who is serious about improving his or her practice as quickly as possible, without having to experience all the dangerous and expensive pitfalls most lawyers have to navigate.

Ed Geary
Criminal Law | Oklahoma

If I took the sum total of everything I learned about marketing and law school before I met Ben Glass and wrapped it up with a pretty bow and applied it in one super, duper burst of energy, I would be staring at my telephone saying, “Ring, phone, ring;” then Ben Glass introduced me to the science of legal marketing. After 23 years of practicing law, I thought my education complete.

Once upon a time, I began sending my clients a quarterly newsletter pub­lished by the ABA. Through ATLA, I discovered Newsletters Inc. and began using its newsletters instead. Then through Newsletters Inc., I discovered Ben Glass. One of your telephone interviewees (on CD) mentioned adding rejected clients to one’s mailing list. Wow!

Ben has studied with the giants so I don’t have to spend a fortune trying to sort the wheat from the chaff. Ben introduces me to marketing experts; I get to pick and choose from the best in the country.

And here is a secret: applying Ben’s marketing lessons is fun.

Gary Rosenberg
Personal Injury | New York

Thank you, Ben, for educating and inspiring me. I thank you on behalf of myself, my practice, and my wife and four children. You have asked the right questions to get the right answers.

Christopher Basner
Criminal defense, DUI, Domestic Violence | New Jersey

I'm expecting to open a satellite office before Christmas, so the many brilliant "onesteps" I can take to better market my law practice. I expect to attend next year with a great report of how this seminar helped me catapult my law practice.

Theresa V. Johnson
Multiple Disciplines | New Jersey

This is at least the 5th event I have been to and every time I pick up something new and something I have heard before but heard differently because of where I am with my practice. It's also great to spend time with other lawyers who are filled with good energy and willingness to share good ideas with others.

Barry Deyle
Personal Injury | Illinois

I'm a 1st time attendee. The thing that makes this conference the best is the value-driven aspect. The attitude is; "Let's cooperate as a group... there's enough clients... we're already the top 95% just being here. We want to provide information and provide a service to the community." From a P.I./worker's comp perspective, it's refreshing to see that the emphasis is not centered on the almighty dollar. Yet, many is a good tool and Great Legal Marketing works."

David Rechtman
Personal Injury | Georgia

My husband and I purchased the Toolkit as a Christmas present to ourselves (we run a small PI firm in rural PA). While we haven’t yet
made it through all the materials, you have already inspired us to revamp our incredibly boring newsletter, to actively work on increasing our mailing list, and to create and implement unique direct mainlining ideas.

Admittedly, we are overwhelmed by most of what we want to do after reading your materials; we just keep reminding ourselves that we can do it all, we just have to take baby steps as we get started.

We’ve also begun a fantastic relationship with a newsletter company (purchased pamphlets already; they are designing a “free auto review” postcard for us) and I’ve contacted Foster Web Marketing for help in establishing a web presence.

Your Toolkit was the best present we could have given ourselves — and our firm. Thank you for putting together such a common sense “you can do this and here’s how it’s done” program.

Carrie Carroll
Personal Injury | Pennsylvania

Since returning home [from the GLM Summit], we’ve implemented many of the tactics you and others showed us. For example, I now work only 4 days per week (Fridays are now “Dad’s Day” with the girls) and we no longer accept unscheduled phone calls (at first, our staff thought we were crazy, but now everyone real­izes that this actually streamlines everyone’s time — no more playing phone tag, dodging calls, etc.).

In general, we valued every moment of the Conference and were mightily impressed with the caliber of the entire event — from the speakers, the accom­modations, heck, even the quality of paper you used to print the materials — it was all top notch.

And getting to meet a rock star was just the icing on the cake. Thanks again for a superb Conference.

Jim Carroll
Personal Injury | Pennsylvania

It's very simple. Do you want to grow your law firm to the point where you can have more time for yourself? Do you want to enjoy the practice of law again and not feel like you're in the "rat race?" Do you want to learn what they should have taught lawyers in law school about the business and marketing of law practice? Is that you? That was me. But not anymore. One of the best decisions I’ve made in my practice was to become a part of Great Legal Marketing.

Abe Cardenas
Immigration| Florida

The Great Legal Marketing Bootcamp was the best day-and-a-half that I've ever spent on my law firm's marketing efforts. I've come home with more usable and immediately implementable marketing strategies than I ever imagined possible. I highly recommend it.

Mike Mastry
Estate Planning | Florida

Small law firm? Time to think outside the box with your marketing - Great Legal Marketing is the first call you need to make.

Allen Tittle
Personal Injury | Ohio

Great ideas from a real life lawyer who practices what he preaches. If you're looking for "get rich quick" scheme, this isn't the place for you. However, if you want to learn how to provide value to your clients and your community, this is the place to be.

Walter Reaves
Criminal Law | Texas

Great Legal Marketing provides an outstanding product for smaller law firms and solo practitioners and I highly recommend it. GLM provides a step-by-step guide to increasing your firm's marketing presence. I purchased the gold member package and I have been absolutely blown away by the materials and information that I have received since joining. It truly is a great value for what you pay.

I have participated in other services geared towards helping solo and small law firms. I paid five times as much every month, was locked into a long term contract, and got 1/10th the value of what I have received as a gold member of Great Legal Marketing. This is the best service for the best price that I have found and if you are looking for help with increasing your firm's revenue, then I highly recommend you take the plunge and sign up with GLM.

Ben Westbrook
Personal Injury | Texas

Great Legal Marketing has made all the difference in the world in how I market the services of my law firm. It has totally transformed my marketing efforts and how I spend money to attract business. As a result of what my staff and I have learned from GLM, all of the other law firms with which we compete are constantly playing catch up.

Tim Miley
Personal Injury | West Virginia

Just finished the GLM Bootcamp and it was a great time and the GLM crew are just wonderful people. The ideas and materials presented were very relevant, digestible, and introduced in a way that was easy to understand. I received more than just a few nuggets to take away from Bootcamp beyond just the motivation to start doing. Ben and Charley were available for all of my questions and were genuinely excited to hear of my successes to date due to GLM. I can't wait for the Summit. Thank you GLM.

Lee Berlin
Sex Crimes | Oklahoma

Our firm has had great experience working with Great Legal Marketing. They provide an excellent service.Great legal marketing has helped our office to reach the next level. They are the best legal marketing company of their kind.

Corey Walker
Workers Compensation | Iowa

I've been a GLM member for several years, and recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to professionally market their firm. This isn't about the cheesy TV ads that give lawyers a bad reputation. GLM is all about education, and producing better educated consumers and clients. It requires some effort, but it's definitely worth it. One of the biggest benefits is that you can learn how to market your firm effectively without having to spending thousands of dollars to do so.

Walter Reaves
Criminal Law | Texas

Great Legal Marketing is a godsend for any attorney who doesn't want to feel like she or he has to go get a business degree to understand what good marketing is for a law firm. They break it down into simple do-able steps and encourage you all along the way. Highly recommend.

Jenny Stevens
Family Law | South Carolina