Harnessing the Power of Twitter Can Do Wonders for Your Client List

Of all today's social media sites—including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.—Twitter may be the most misunderstood, especially by people (including busy lawyers) who don't spend much time on the web.

Twitter gives people the means to broadcast their opinions, reviews, recommendations, and promotions in short “tweets,” messages that top out at 140 characters, maximum. Considering how simple the concept is, Twitter has seen some amazing growth in the last couple of years!

It's Very Easy to “Tweet” Information About Your Law Firm

One of the things that make Twitter so successful is that it's so easy to sign up for and begin using right away. Within a few minutes, you can start “tweeting” messages to your followers, along the lines of:Using Twitter to market your law firm.

  • Direct promotions regarding your practice (“Were you injured in a North Carolina car accident? Our firm is here to help! Contact us at...”)
  • Comments on ongoing news items. For example, you can express your opinion about a case in the news related to your specialty, with a link at the end that takes readers to your law firm's website or Facebook page
  • News about developments at your firm (“We're proud to announce that we've just hired a new attorney, Bill T. Jones, who will assist clients with...)
  • Successful verdicts you have obtained for clients (“Today, our law firm won a $2.2 million settlement for a client who was injured in a slip and fall..”)
  • Just about anything else you can think of, that falls within the bounds of good taste and will impel readers to learn more about your firm and possibly retain your services

Well-Planned Tweets Can Be a Key Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Very few lawyers know how to use Twitter to their advantage and usually wind up posting “off-topic” tweets or ignoring the service altogether once they've signed up for it. At Great Legal Marketing, we can teach you how to use Twitter to its full potential and attract clients to your law firm.

Ben Glass
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