Your law firm’s success depends on surprisingly few factors. And the biggest one by far is the owner’s interest in and ability to construct a practice run like a business.
Put simply, the way you operate as the owner is your #1 secret to success.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember any classes in law school focused on running a law firm. And they definitely didn’t talk about a law firm as a business. (The mere idea of it was considered heresy!) Their only advice comes in a worn-out line: just do good work and the cases will come. Tens of thousands of law firms following that advice have closed their doors due to a lack of clients. Many more will do so this year.

Attorneys who are serious about building a law firm capable of both helping clients to the best of its abilities and attracting as many of those clients as possible need help!

This is why Great Legal Marketing was created in the first place.

After turning my sleepy local practice in Northern Virginia into a high-performing small firm, I decided to show other attorneys around the country (and now around the world) how to achieve the same transformation in their own practices.

In my time as a practicing attorney, which I still am today, I went to a lot of events supposedly designed to help me succeed. Of course, most of them were just high-end CLEs with little practical advice.

As a matter of fact, I discovered most of the speakers at these events were focused on what I couldn’t do rather than what I could do to attract more clients. That definitely wasn’t the kind of help I needed!

So, I decided my organization would host yearly events for attorneys to come together and learn about Success - unfiltered and focused only on how to turn any small law firm into a thriving business for its owner.

Today, our big annual event is called the GLM National Summit, and hundreds of attorneys and their staff members congregate every fall to achieve that exact mission!
Every year, the Summit pushes our profession forward, showing attorneys the potential of creating a firm that puts YOU first. Yes, it is possible to own a law firm capable of five-star client service while providing you the freedom and income you deserve. I should know, since I’ve helped countless attorneys achieve that very goal!

If you’re like the thousands of attorneys who have come through our world, I’m guessing you know the importance of turning your practice into a business - or at least you’ve been thinking about it recently. And you want to learn from people who have “been there, done that” rather than stumble around in the dark until you find something that works.
Ready to skip ahead and see exactly how to succeed? Maybe you are finally ready to join us at the Summit… All you need to do is click here to learn more!

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