Does Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing Include Must-Have Content?

Your marketing should speak to the clients concerns, not about who you are.People who are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer have a lot of concerns. Those concerns do not include where you went to law school, what bar association committees you sit on, or the very specific technicalities of bankruptcy law. Your potential clients have more immediate concerns. They want to know how to feed their kids, what to do if they lose their home, how to keep some property, and how to move on with their lives. If your marketing materials answer those questions, then you may be the attorney people call when they need help.

3 Things Your Bankruptcy Marketing Should Address

When you are writing practice area pages, library articles, blog posts, frequently asked questions, videos, other content, it is important to think about how your content relates to one of the following:

  • Family concerns / immediate living concerns. People with overwhelming debt understandably want to know what is going to happen to them, to the way that they live and to the people they love. For example, they may want answers to the following types of questions. Will they lose their home? Will their children have to change schools? Will they lose family heirlooms? Will their spouse’s credit rating be affected? Will they lose their jobs? Will everyone know they filed bankruptcy? 
  • The Future. Once immediate concerns have been taken care of, a person’s focus may turn to the future. What will their future be like? Will they be able to buy a home? Get a credit card? Return to the standard of living they once had?
  • Cost. Costs are understandably on the mind of someone contemplating bankruptcy. Can they afford your services? What will bankruptcy cost and how will they pay for it?

Generally, the majority of your content should relate to one of these topics or other topics of concern to a person considering bankruptcy.

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