It's not often that you hear an attorney say, "I'm getting too many leads!" Most law firms would like the phone to ring more but aren't sure what they can do to make that happen.

To help you out with your lead generation, we've identified 9 Marketing Opportunities ranging from online options like YouTube videos to more traditional offline areas such as attorney to attorney referrals.

One of the smartest things you can do is pick a couple of items from the following list and focusing your efforts on improving them. Every one of them is capable of bringing you new clients. If you set aside just 10-15 minutes every day to focus on lead generation, you could see significant improvement to your flow of potential clients in a matter of months. And just remember that when you're NOT working on getting more leads, someone in your market is working to catch up with or pass you. (I like to imagine being chased by our's motivating for me in the same way that I run fastest when chased by something bad!)

  1. Google Local Reviews - This is especially important if you are in a crowded marketplace with lots of other local attorneys. Having more reviews will help your profile stand out in the local search block on Google's search engine results page. Plus, the reviews you gather can be highlighted in other marketing.
  2. Attorney to Attorney Referrals - Never discount the value of this source of leads. The real trick here is to actively search for referral opportunities. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you should slowly grow your referral base by word of mouth. Sending letters to other attorneys congratulating them on work they've done and telling them that you'd like to start sending them certain kinds of cases their way opens up the door for you to ask for the same in return. (By the way, take a look at the bottom of this article to see a way you can steal a letter used by GLM members to get $5,000 to $50,000 in new client fees through just one letter.)
  3. Video - Whether it is used to approve the appearance and interactive qualities of your website or to get views through optimization on YouTube, video can and should play an important role in your marketing. Our best advice here is to never be boring. Stories and "plain English" explanations that answer frequently asked questions are your best options here. If you start spouting legal jargon, your audience will tune out.
  4. Public Speaking - Civic groups are always looking for speakers, and it offers you a chance to get in front of some new faces. Remember to gather the names and email addresses (at a minimum) from your audience. You may need to bribe them with a little gift, but it is well worth it, since you will be able to market to them and potentially turn them into referral sources. There may be more direct opportunities to generate leads for you as well, including speaking at bar associations and at group meetings in related areas where potential clients might congregate.
  5. Referrals from Non-legal Businesses - I'm not just talking about chiropractors referring to personal injury attorneys. What about an accountant or financial advisor referring to an estate planning attorney? Or therapists to a family law attorney? Think about what kinds of services your ideal clients are using in relation to your practice area and aim to get referrals from there.
  6. Postcards - Direct mail is often underused by law firms. You could mail a large number of people in a blue collar neighborhood an offer for a free report or book (yes, free reports/books are still an important marketing piece) about worker's compensation. You need to think carefully about the offer you make and the audience that will receive it.
  7. Event Sponsorship - This is not about "getting your name out there." Events can be opportunities to connect directly with potential clients or to gather names to add to your list so you can market to them later via a print and email newsletter. And yes, the community exposure is useful as well, but view that as the secondary benefit and focus on what you can directly get out of being part of an event.
  8. Print Advertising - Every time an attorney stops using print advertising, we rejoice! It means less competition in a format that is still profitable. The mistake is doing the same old boring "brand ads" that every attorney is doing. Make sure you are making a compelling offer that targets your ideal client.
  9. Past Client Referrals - Many marketing gurus, including us, will tell you that one of the best uses of your marketing budget is to market to your own list. Past clients should be good referral sources for you, but if you aren't in touch with them regularly, you will fall off of their radar. They just won't think about you when a potential referral opportunity comes along. Make sure you stay in front of past clients to get referrals from them.

Your practice is best served by you focusing on getting the next client in the door. Choosing your next marketing opportunity and committing to it with your time and resources is well worth the money and effort. After all, if you're not actively seeking new clients, you are leaving your fate to chance. That's not a good choice when it comes to your financial future!

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